Phantom wallet

Phantom Wallet - A friendly Solana wallet built for DeFi & NFTs

Crypto safety has been a great concern in this exclusive world that seems to move in a direction where digital finances would be the only finance in existence. And therefore, the discovery of the crypto wallet services came to being and that brought in tons of safety along with it.

We came across the Phantom Wallet that has been rendering a world-class user experience to all the crypto traders on the Solana network. It can be said that this wallet service created a different level of utility altogether and we thought you should be a part of the service if you have Solana tokens.

What must be done to get the wallet extension?

Yes, the Phantom Wallet is, in fact, a browser extension that you can easily install and keep on your computers for as long as you want. And we thought once you know that Phantom is the safest location to safeguard your SOL crypto, you’d like to know the steps of acquiring the extension, thus, make sure to follow the enlisted:

  1. Choose the browser you’d prefer to keep the wallet on
  2. Use it to reach the official wallet service website
  3. Move to the “Download” link and navigate to choose it
  4. As and when the window opens, hit “Add to Browser”
  5. Keep on completing the steps as prompted and wrap up

Want to know if there’s an app for Phantom or not?

We all love the experience that an app version of any online service provides us, after all, it is easier, quicker and has a more direct approach to task completion. And you probably would go to look for mobile applications for the Phantom Wallet as well (we did it too!). However, there is no way you can find it because the brand has not yet launched its application version.

We have noted web searches that are related to Phantom apps for Android and iPhone but, it doesn’t exist yet. But again, we don’t think that disappointment is a way for the Phantom authorities, which is why, they have launched a beta app version of the wallet service on Twitter, for all Android traders.


The short read above has been extensively focused on helping you know what service protects all your crypto funds if they function on the Solana blockchain network and that is recognized as the Phantom Wallet. Reading through the data we mentioned in the above sections, we tell you about the steps you need to perform if you want to get the wallet extension installed on your browser and some specific data on the concept of a wallet app for the service. We think it is the best opportunity to choose between the extension and the app’s beta version that exists on the official Twitter page for the brand.